Paper Forms

Below are the latest AIRS forms available for download. The forms are available in Microsoft Word so you may edit them to suit your particular needs. Due to the sheer number and size of the different forms, all forms are in zipped files to facilitate easy download.

If you have any questions about the forms or have any trouble downloading or unzipping these files, please email Tien.

The following forms were affected by changes in v.8.9.880.

Agency Intake
Drug Regimen History
Harm Reduction
Linkage, Retention, and Adherence
Nutrition and Food
Referral Tracking
Substance Use History

Below are the complete set of AIRS forms for v.8.9.880.

Agency (Client) Intake Forms (zipped)

Agency Setup Forms (zipped)

Anonymous Referral Tracking Forms (zipped)

Assessment Forms (zipped)

CTR Forms (zipped)

Enrollment Forms (zipped)

Group Forms (zipped)

Hepatitis Forms (zipped)

Historical Forms (zipped)

Legal Forms (zipped)

RSR Forms (zipped)

Service Forms (zipped)

Session Based Encounter Forms (zipped)

Syringe Forms (zipped)


Prevention Division Custom Forms

Linkage and Navigation Short Form (March 2016)

AIRS Short Intake Form (Updated May, 2018)

AIRS Short CTR Form (Updated May, 2018)