Ryan White Services Report (RSR)

Beginning January 1, 2009, all Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program grantees and service providers will begin client level data collection for HRSA’s HIV/AIDS Bureau using the new Ryan White Services Report (RSR). The RSR is a data collection and reporting system for reporting information on programs and clients served (Client Level Data).

Getting Ready for the RSR--2015

As most of you know, the RSR reporting scope has changed from Funded to Eligible starting in 2015. To help providlers understand what this change is all about and how AIRS will handle this change, we had put together a presentation for our users at our July NYC User Group Meeting as well as our July User Group Webinar. Below is a link to the slides (in PDF) shown during those presentations.

RSR: Funded to Eligible Scope--What You Need to Know

As we approach the end of the year, we will have more information about the 2015 RSR, so be sure to check back for more updates.



Ryan White Funded Agencies: Below is the RSR submission procedures for 2014.


The following letter was sent to all Ryan White funded agencies. This letter outlines the RSR submissions procedures as required by HRSA.

For a PDF version of the letter, click HERE.

Dear Ryan White Provider:

The HRSA website for the submitting your agency’s 2014 Ryan White Services Report (RSR) is now open. There are no procedural changes from last year’s (2013) RSR submission process. Therefore, this still involves a) Obtaining a Login to HRSA’s online RSR submission interface (RSR-Web) if you don’t already have one from last year, b) Logging in to the HRSA-RSR website, c) Completing the RSR Provider Report, and d) Uploading your Client Level Data (CLD).

The Institute will continue to create the appropriate XML-formatted file and send you ‘RSR Completeness Reports’ using your AIRS RSR Extract. However, you must upgrade to AIRS Version 8.9.725 (dated January 14, 2015) to ensure your RSR Extract is correct. When ready for submission to HRSA, we will return the XML file to you for upload.

If you have not previously used the HRSA site, you will need your HRSA Registration Code to obtain a login. The email from our Zendesk contact database will arrive soon where you can ask us to obtain or check your registration code. Note, you will not be able to proceed on the HRSA-RSR website without it. If needed, you can also contact us at AIOSD@health.ny.gov . We strongly encourage you to take advantage of training resources and materials available from HRSA and the AIDS Institute. If you are funded under Parts C and/or D, you should already be familiar with the HRSA website and the submission process. Links to training materials are available below on this page.

To log in to the HRSA reporting site, go to:


It is important to note that there is ONLY 1 RSR PROVIDER REPORT FOR EACH AGENCY regardless of how many different Ryan White funded contracts (Parts A, B, C and/or D) your agency may have. If you have colleagues in your agency that work on reports for other RW Parts, you will need to coordinate the Provider Report content and submission process with them. Please double check your Agency information in AIRS to ensure that all fields needed for the Provider Report are completed. You should print this from the Reporting module in AIRS and either populate your Provider Report on the HRSA website or check your entries for consistency. Remember, you enter the Provider information manually on the HRSA website.

RSR Submissions for Part B

Once your Provider Report is completed and submitted, you will be allowed to submit the Client Level Data. You’ll submit your RSR Extract from AIRS to the AIDS Institute as you have in the past. If needed, you can submit multiple CLDs (client level data files from different funders). For example, if you receive Part A funding and have a CLD file generated from eShare, the CLD files generated using AIRS data and eShare can both be separately uploaded. HRSA will consolidate the data on their end.

In summary:

A. All providers should have a Login for the HRSA RSR submission portal. If you don’t have one, you should obtain one as soon as possible.

B. Data for the Provider Report should be checked and updated for 2014.

C. The Provider Report should be submitted via direct data entry on the HRSA-RSR website.

D. Client level data should be checked for completeness using the reports available in AIRS or by sending an RSR Extract to the AIDS Institute for ‘Completeness Report’ feedback.

E. Final RSR Extracts from AIRS should be submitted to the AIDS Institute no later than February 13th, 2015. You will need additional time to receive your XML file and load it onto the HRSA-RSR website.

F. All RSR Provider Reports and client level data must be in Review or Submitted status on the HRSA website by MARCH 9, 2015.

Please contact our office at 518-402-6790 if you have any questions. Thank you, and we look forward to working with you on this year's report.

Larry Spiegel
Assistant Director, Data Systems Development & Reporting
NYSDOH - AIDS Institute



RSR Resources

The resources below are developed by the AIDS Institute to help you prepare for your report.

Understanding the RSR Completeness Report from the AIDS Institute--This document will explain in detail how you should interpret your agency's completeness report.

How2 Look Up Clients by TC_ID


Getting Ready for the RSR Video Tutorial--a step-by-step video on understanding the RSR and how to produce the RSR.

How2 Create the RSR--A printable document on how to create the RSR.

Guide to the RSR Provider Report - Completing the screens in AIRS

2014 AIRS Services Grouped by RDR Mapping

Guide to the 2014 RSR--A Question-by-Question Guide to Locate RSR Information in AIRS (Updated November, 2014)

How Poverty Level is Calculated--This link will take you to the US Census website.


Additional RSR Resources from HRSA

The resources below are published by HRSA to help providers prepare for the RSR.

A Preview of the New RSR Web System

Introduction to the RSR Client-Level Data Elements

Common RSR Challenges: Clarifying the RSR Reporting Requirements

HRSA Target Center--Tools for the Ryan White Community

The official HRSA 2014 RSR Instruction Manual

The RSR Technical Assistance Brochure

RSR Data Dictionary v.3.2

HRSA Ryan White Part B Manual--This Manual is a tool to assist in the implementation of Ryan White Part B activities in States. The manual contains information, including references, links, and resources to aid in the understanding of the Ryan White Part B program including the administration, planning, and delivery of care and treatment services to persons living with HIV. Grantees are encouraged to share the manual with subgrantees, consortia, and other key stakeholders as necessary.