March 2, 2015

FREE Training: Addressing Trauma among Black and Latino Gay Men and MSM

Trauma has a pervasive impact on an individual’s mental health, particularly if an individual lives within a community also impacted by trauma. Black and Latino gay men and men who have sex with men (MSM) are exposed to disproportionate rates of trauma, ranging from verbal harassment to physical violence, including sexual assault. Traumatic events may relate to both their racial and sexual identities. It is important for health and human services to be trauma responsive at all points of entry into care and to take steps to avoid re-traumatization of clients as they access services. 

This half-day training will help health and human service providers to recognize trauma in their clients and to take steps towards providing trauma-informed care.

 As a result of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Recall how exposure to trauma may impact the health and mental health of Black and Latino Gay Men and Men who have Sex with Men
  • Recognize trauma responses in Black and Latino Gay Men and MSM
  • List steps to create a safe program environment
  • Distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate follow-up questions for clients
  • Identify when and how to make referrals for on-going support.
  • Recall how to maintain appropriate boundaries with clients
  • Identify strategies for self-care for providers when addressing trauma with their clients.

Prerequisite: This course will cover some advanced material.  Prior training on trauma or working with Black and Latino gay men is recommended but is not a strict requirement.

Target Audience: Non-physician health and human service providers who work with young gay men and YMSM

Upcoming Dates

3/3/2015--9 am - 12:30 pm--NYC-- Click here to register
3/12/2015-- 9 am - 12:30 pm--NYC-- Click here to register
3/19/2015--9 am - 12:30 pm--Queens-- Click here to register


February 17, 2015

FREE Training on Supporting and Promoting PrEP

The following training is open to staff at CBOs who work in HIV Prevention

Role of CBOs in Promoting Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV (PrEP)

March 3rd (9 am to Noon)--New York City

March 12th (9 am to Noon)--Albany

March 27th (9 am to Noon)--New York City

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is an important addition to the HIV prevention toolbox, especially for individuals at highest risk of acquiring HIV.

This half-day training will prepare a wide range of staff who work in CBOs, and other support services providers, to educate their communities about PrEP, work with clinical providers to expand access to PrEP and provide support to clients who are taking PrEP.

As a result of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Deliver culturally relevant educational messages about PrEP to clients who may benefit from this intervention;
  • Discuss the efficacy of PrEP in terms that clients can understand;
  • Refer clients to a host of NYS, NYC, national and local resources regarding PrEP;
  • Identify resources to assist clients with reimbursement for PrEP medication, medical appointments, HIV/STD testing and other prevention tools such as condoms, sterile syringes, etc.; 
  • Integrate messages about PrEP into HIV/STD testing and other prevention services offered by the organization;
  • Assist clients on PrEP with behavioral counseling and support daily adherence to the medication;
  • Partner with local providers that prescribe PrEP to promote easy access to PrEP. 

Registration is required.

Registration Link:


February 12, 2015

FREE Training and Education Opportunities for Clinical Providers

Below are free seminars and conferences sponsored by the HIV, HCV & STD Clinical Education Initiative

The Role of the Primary Care Clinician in HIV Care Treatment for Hepatitis C: New Tests, New Drugs & New Recommendations

Thursday, April 16th
PS Restaurant
100 Rano Blvd,Vestal, NY 13850
Register here:

Thursday, May 21st
Justin’s Tuscan Grill
64 Yorktown Circle, East Syracuse, NY 13057
Register here:

These free evening events will focus on the epidemiology of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C (HCV), modes of transmission, signs and symptoms, laboratory testing and diagnosis, as well as therapeutic regimens and monitoring plans.

This event is open to New York State clinical providers, such as physicians, physician assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, and pharmacists. On-line registration is required as space will be limited.

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)

Long Island and Bronx Dates

Saturday, April 18th
Islandia Marriott Long Island
3635 Expressway Drive North, Islandia, NY 11749
Register here:

Saturday, May 16th
The Garden City Hotel
45 7th Avenue, Garden City, NY 11530
Register here:

Thursday, June 25th
Bronx Zoo
2300 Southern Boulevard, Bronx, NY 10460
Register here:

These free ½ day conferences will focus on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for PrEP, the New York State Department of Health PrEP guidance, patients who may benefit from PrEP, challenges in managing patients in various practice settings, as well as organizational  and psychosocial considerations for providing PrEP.

These conferences are open to New York State clinical providers, such as physicians, physician assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, and pharmacists. On-line registration is required as space will be limited.  

New York State 2015 Clinical Conference on HIV and Hepatitis C:
Bending the Curve in Prevention, Treatment, and Care

Friday, May 1st
RIT Inn & Conference Center
5257 West Henrietta Road, Henrietta, NY 11467

This free conference will focus on the clinical and public health aspects of HIV, HCV, and STDs. Additionally, this conference is open to New York State clinical providers including physicians, physician assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, dentists, and pharmacists.

Register here:

Questions? Contact Robert Walsh at or


January 14, 2015

AIRS Upgrade Version 8.9.725 Released

On behalf of the New York State Department of Health, AIDS Institute, Netsmart Technologies is pleased to announce that the AIRS Upgrade Version 8.9.725 is now available for download from the Netsmart Customer Support site at    

This upgrade includes several modifications and updates that will impact the 2014 Ryan White Services Report/ Extract (RSR). For this reason, agencies that will be submitting the 2014 RSR must perform this upgrade.  
It is recommended that ALL agencies using AIRS run the most recent version of the software. Therefore, all agencies should perform this upgrade ASAP.

Included in this upgrade are improvements, fixes, and changes including the following items:   


  • Client-Program/Funding restrictions have been removed which will reduce the processing time of the AIDS Institute Extract. 


  • Programming has been completed to require staff to have unique login names and passwords.
  • Existing staff with the same password as other staff will be required to change their password upon the next login.
  • Staff with the same Login Name are also identified and are required to be changed.

System Administrators will need to update staff that have the same login name. (See the Release Notes for full details)


  • The check box New York State of Health Marketplace has been added. It is not a required check box and can be used with all providers to designate plans purchased through the marketplace.  

For all records previously identified with the Insurance Provider, New York State of Health Marketplace, a post upgrade step will automatically check off this box. 

Note: Insurance records should be reviewed and updated to better reflect this new structure. (See the Release Notes for full details) 


  • (00053) Linkage, Retention, & Adherence Services
  • (00054) PrEP/PEP Services 
  • (00055) PrEP/PEP Education

Note New Service Categories! Along with all of the associated encounters and services! (See the Release Notes for full details) 

Installation Instructions:  

Log into Netsmart Technologies' Customer Support: (A login and password will be required.) If you do not know your login, please contact: AIRS Support,

From the Solutions Menu -> AIRS Knowledge Base ->AIRS Release Packages 

Locate/download the following files: 

  • (This is the version upgrade file.) 
  • AIRS v8.9.725 Upgrade Instructions  (UpgInstruct89-725.pdf) This document will detail the steps necessary to upgrade to version 8.9.725.
  • Release Notes to AIRS v8.9.725 upgrade package (Release Notes_v89-725.pdf) Contains V8.9-725 Release Notes complete with detailed descriptions of additions, changes, and corrections.

Please print/read the upgrade instructions. (Upginstruct89-725.pdf)This document will provide you step by step instructions to successfully install this upgrade.  

We ask that you send the upgrade confirmation to Netsmart Technologies to let us know that you have successfully upgraded your system. Confirmations printed to PDF can be sent in as support tickets to We keep a log and forward this to the AIDS Institute so everyone knows where each agency is in terms of the version.   

If you have questions, require additional information, or need to report an issue, please contact us at:

Netsmart Technologies  AIRS Support 
(Login & Password Required) 
Phone: (212) 727-8342 Option #1


January 13, 2015

New Webcast for Ryan White Funded Providers: Understanding the Eligibility Scope Requirememt for 2015 RSR Data

Event Date: Wednesday, January 28, 2015 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm EST

To register for this FREE webinar, click HERE.

Starting with the 2015 calendar year data collection period, Ryan White providers will report data on all clients who received services eligible for Ryan White funding, regardless of the actual funding source used to pay for those services.

If you are a provider who receives Ryan White funding, you ought to attend this webinar.

The webcast will provide an overview of the 2015 data reporting change from funded scope to eligible scope and how that will impact the RSR.


January 8, 2015

Monthly User Group Meetings Resumes

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a good holiday! Just want to remind everyone that our monthly user group meetings will resume starting this month. For more information and dates and meeting locations of our meetings, click HERE.